It is used for tuning the radio with RSS. By Ecoman71 posted October 18th , 1: This should help you understand the procedure of editing the file which when complete will give you 16 channels. You need this codeplug editor if you are going to increase the number of channels in a Select-5, Select-V, 5-Tone, GP Radiotronics offers two way programming at our service centre.

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If this is the same, then replace you original progrwmming with the modified file. If you want to build a nice little programmer for the GP radios, one that does not require a RIB, check out this link.

I use a dos version on an old dos machine which works great. If you Google pvdt You will also need a external 7.

Motorola Radius GP Programming Software – Buy from Radiotronics

Please don’t ask me for a copy of the Motorola Software. Be sure that this is the exact version or region you require before downloading!

Disable Codeplug Check for 5-tone radios If you have managed to get a mangled codeplug crammed into your GP 5-tone radio and would like to get your old codeplug back in, you’ve probably found that the RSS will not let you.

Make a copy in explorer programming other directory Test and rename it as you wish you cannot see your name for it in Archive ,as it is encrypted and is overwriting every time you change something. Interesting how this D Motorola Radius GP programming software two way radio.


Please call for advice on other suitable products.

All of them use the same RF section, hence, all of them are capable of MHz, and possibly a little more. Most of the time you will see a 0x02 or 0x08 in this position for 2 or 8 channel radios respectively. You will also need to jumper around or modify the VCO low pass filter on the receive side. Servica manual for PRO GM programming connection When looking at the radio here are the numbers.

Motorola Radius GP300 Programming Software

A replacement zip file has now been added with all the correct files enclosed. By Colt45 posted April 13th Yes these radios have a fuse.

It’s a program to monitor Motorola trunking activities. Just take one or a few of these insignificant bytes some experimentation may be prrogramming depending on by how much the cheksum is out and add or subtract a few bits of the numbers make a Checksum of the file.

If the RSS won’t load the codeplug, go back to the hex editor and change the bit again, save the file in the hex editor and try loading it again. If you don’t get an error when you run the RSS with the new. Works perfectly By radiotech posted June 1st Try changing the field to 0x10 to make a 16 channel radio and see what happens. This is the service cable for the GP series radios. Hold the shift key down while entering the frequency you want You must release the shift key when you enter the decimal point You must fill programmin entire field-use zeros while holding down shift When you are done hit enter like normal and the frequency you entered will appear in regular decimal like any other frequency.


I have a cable to program gp, usbtypeA, GP-professional pin. At the bottom of the metal chassis, gently insert a flat-blade screwdriver between it and the housing, and pry up. By RadEng posted March 17th First write down the codeplug-Checksum: Enter your search terms. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

By JSB24 posted August 13th3: How to Download After Purchase After you purchase and have completed checkout you can download this software from Your Downloadable Products area of our website.

This programs plugs into the normal cables and RIB and does all the work for you.