I’m pleased to return to this forum after a month or so away.. David Youngs December 05, For the rest of the details go to Alesis’ website. Eject all backup disks 5. Sp4zc0r3 June 09, I may try this to see if I can get my Alesis up and running with the new MacBook. Jason Misner February 22,

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Any way you could send me a copy of the AlesisFirewire.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Hi Jason, yes I uploaded that and the dropbox link got a bit buried in this thread. I see a level no real diffrence.

General VU-meter, FW and jack outputs. Thank you for your help.

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I have never had compatibility or reliability issues. Neither the control panel nor system config shows my MultiMix 12 FW at all.

When we have big sessions we borrow each other the mixers since you can link them together mulfimix FW, which increases the number of inputs by two. Also, it bewilders me that Alesis won’t release a proper driver for us.

I have yet to sufficiently test the equalizer to speak If I think of a work around besides re-writing the Kext completely I’ll let you know. It’s not too noisy unless you really crank the knobs all the way up I don’t think the EQ is particularly precise and I prefer to use those of Cubase, which Firewure think are more precise. It’s very handy to have a set of switches to route the signal to the speakers.


Not rack-mountable, small 8″x8″ alsis, separate power supply. Since Alesis has made and still makes quality goodies, and is associated with other vendors who still do, I’ll skip the growling over your not updating drivers for equipment from a decade ago.

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I bought it to record my drums at first, but I now record rehearsals and small live gigs piano solo, for exampletoo. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again because it covers all my needs. I did find a way fkrewire register and download the 3. Community-powered support for Alesis. I’m a little mixed between the main mix and remote ctrl but I got there fast enough Matt Koglin April 17, Thanks for the help!

The only thing I need to carry by hand are the mic stands. The driver I used is available from the Alesis site at http: It did not work, so I reinstalled the driver version 3.

Any chance of firewre driver update for the Firewire 16? And rirewire the connectors for the photo will tell you everything. And, now, a suggestion for a little perspective from folks who are howling about the “lack of support” for Alesis’ legacy products With additional preamps and 8 inputs there’s plenty to do if you get creative.


Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. If it helps alseis I followed the following processes in this order: Followed your direction carefully Joshua on my macbook pro and I actually got to see my Alesis firewire show up on the audio devices list but I’m not getting any sound out of the mixer. Not that I want to buy another desk, but if I did, I can’t find anything fairly small that will do multitrack recording, which is the reason I bought the desk in the first place, so it’s really unhelpful that it doesn’t work!

This didnt work and spat out an error- but a bit of googling around for alexis error made me realise that I had to be in Recovery Mode to run that command and also not use “” quotes!! Joshua Gunty December 05, Andy Wilkinson September 07, Given the number of sound cards firewire Reduces Chres not currently available, I think I would do this choice.